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still so pretty

still so pretty
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Little Chessie is on her last pins. I'm sad, but at the same time I'm OK with it. She's 17 and she's really really sick -- we have been kind of waiting for the shoe to drop and I guess in a few days, it will. We're making the most of our time together, and it's been very sweet.


I heard about Chessie when Julie called me on her drive home. Sorry to hear it. :-/ But at the same time, making the most of that time is probably the best thing to do... and I can only imagine her lapping up the attention and affection. *sending her virtual scritches*
I loved meeting and spending time with Chessie, and hearing your stories about her over the years. What a beautiful kitty cat she still is.
Aw, Chessie. You are loved, old cat, very very loved.

*hugs* to everyone.
I'm really sorry to read about Chessie and yet really glad you're all able to keep her company over her last days. My thoughts are with you, hon.
It's tough even when they've lived their lives. Tough. Tough.

:( Very sorry to hear about Chessie. Will that take you down to zero pets in the Leibowitz household?

--- Ajax.
Not quite. We still have the birds, Ram and Sita, but they are destined to move in with aunt Julie sometime soon. That will leave the two bettas, Kaiser and Dennis, who live in Maya's room now.
I'm so sorry. Enjoy your days of cuddles and scritches, Chessie. My thoughts are with your family.
I'm sorry you guys have to go through this time of sadness. Not right away, maybe, but by and by you might look in the library for a picture book by Judith Viorst, "The Tenth Good Thing about Barney."

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